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Apocalypse Soon.

In a week where The World was meant to end, it’s been pretty average. I’m not complaining – I got to watch the best film about non-soppy film about weddings in the shape of Rachel Getting Married (Muriel’s Wedding comes a close second) and bought a Beastie Boys t shirt. So not all bad. Here’s the more exciting stuff that I encountered:


Austra's Katie Stelmanis, hair chewer

Where’s Florence gone? Nevermind about her. Austra‘s debut  Feel It Break is good, real good y’know. It’s been on pretty much non-stop in Casa GoodTom. Think of a more accessible/less drowning in tears of gin alternative to Zola Jesus. A coherent debut all in all – operatic electronica. Congratulations Canada, you’ve done it again. Here’s their single, Beat & The Pulse:

Amazon Kindle talismans Bibio have released the compact K Is For Kelson EP for your ears. It’s not offensive, it’s about as far removed from Tyler, The Creator as you can realistically get, no swearing or anything:

Re-ally Go-od

In mixtape news, Gorilla Warfare Tactics’ Premier ticks all the boxes. Hip hop served fresh (Thanks to Lessem for this nugget):

Swag Sucks. Swagger Central Station with Charles WrightI’m Aware – it is even too cool to be on the internet, maaan. Instead here’s something a little more familiar:

Old Joe's ambivalence towards fire

Sight: It brought the community together, it galvanised the residents of Selly Oak & Bournbrook…no not a street party, but Selly Oak’s now infamous Tyre Fire. Bringing us lazy students out of our hovels out of sheer morbid fascination.

Taste/Scent Combo – TEX MEX ESPECIALE. 

Two Restaurants. Two Cities – Both Mehicano, Si. COMMENCE.

There's this joke about nacho cheese I always muddle up...

First off, Cantina in Bedford Place, Southampton – Got the best frijoles ever (refried beans for you uncultured kids) & is also for mighty cheap, especially at lunch. Recession proof fiery latino grub. 

Just off New St.

Next up is Bodega – variation on a theme, with a cracking atmosphere at evening service…if you can get a table that is. Recommendation – Pork Carnitas Spicy Burrito with a cheeky Negro Modello. Sorted.

My Imaginary Collection

Touch – Nike ID website – When bored (which is almost always) I just love creating my ideal dunks.,nikeid

I’m off to prepare the anderson shelter for October 21st.


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