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We're just shy of hitting 7 billion people on our fine planet yet we still seem to struggle to create original post-Strokesian guitar music.
 I mean even The Strokes struggle to move beyond Is This It? (becoming ever more ironic as the years drag on). 

However we do have glimmers here and there.
TVOTR, Radiohead, Bombay Bicycle Club (don't disagree with me), Vampire Weekend at times, there sure are others lalloping about. 
Unfortunately, most guitar-focused music rehashes early, mid or late U2 or just fill the ladrock void left by Oasis. 

One band that's always been on my radar of 'could be sensational' are This Town Needs Guns. 
In Math Rock terms, they are industrious MA students surrounded by fresh faced young pretenders eager for the first union pub crawl.
 Their new release, Adventure, Stamina & Anger/Mmspector Iorse (I promise those aren't typo's) tells you all you need to know about their credentials
 - its a more nuanced math rock sound, with sturdier lyrics 
and Stuart Smith's voice only overshadowed by the incredible Jo Prendergast (I will one day blog about my wish for Jo to write the music for my debut feature, but I digress).

2008's Animals LP

The point is, I want/You want/Your local fishmonger wants decent imaginative, pushing the envelope rock music. 
It's all well and good to see the dance genres and rap genres gaining plaudits but the guitar remains a stalwart of the music industry yet we have seldom few artists who showcase the instrument in 2011. 
This Town Needs Guns do.
Here's some acoustic calculus: 

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