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Don’t mess with the bull, young man. You’ll get the horns.


After a short stay in London, where I increasingly feel more and more like Toby Young (My slot on Grumpy & Young is confirmed) I came back home requiring new music. 

And you thought Frankie Cocozza was badass

Fast forward to: Listening to the recently downloaded How To Make It In America Vol. 2 Mixtape (with all the usual musical suspects and Scott Mescudi making the show sound like a new form of democracy for the disenchanted HBO viewing youth) I stumble across this:

For the shriek/brass at the beginning alone.


Then I find Verve Remixed have teamed up with La Noire fellas to create an EP so good it may even be illegal in Montana.

Here’s a ticklah for ya.

Belatedly, I grab me a piece of the Motor City Drum Ensemble action. This DJ Kicks comp is amongst the most varied yet flows better than the rum punch at your Dad’s 50th.

Whilst all this, I just about clashed with actual titans over potentially the biggest non-important decision of my life: to beatbox or to jambox? Jambox wins I think. I might change my mind tomorrow. But if I put it down in writing it makes it more serious.


Apologies for all the Breakfast Club, I went and ate a burger at a themed cafe on the friday.





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