Amplification Station

Looks like a lego brick, sounds like a dragon (it’s louder than motorway traffic, really) ANNND it has that reassuring weight that only professional objects have.



I want me one o’ these. 


Mad Skills

17 year olds keep getting more and more talented. 

Madeon is living proof of this:



He has put Nantes on the map, because y’know Jeremy Toulalan is hardly a household name.


The goss is that Madeon will be signing onto Mau5trap later this month. Hope he’ll creatively spice up our summers.


NOTW is taking a bit of a hit currently.

Graduated: University of Sensationalism; BA in Bullshit.

And too bloody right – I’m shocked I haven’t been hacked yet. You also missed out Berlusconi, Glenn Beck & The Cookie Monster. No, but seriously – it’s been a dark week for not only NOTW but the press generally. It’s as if the NOTW has been run by the cast of Snatch – but without anything resembling a code that even gangsters adhere to. D-Cam doesn’t look too great either, then there’s the Met and worst of all Macdonalds – the alleged meeting place for the transfers between journos & coppas. The link between corruption and Big Macs is undeniable.

Women of the month Rebekah Brooks – like an evil Weasley – has become the female equivalent of Jim from the Apprentice – pulling the strings of Sugar’s wagging FIRED finger – it does appear she’s awful close to getting in that London taxi and being ripped apart by Dara on BBC2 but then she ends up closing down Amstrad herself. It makes Question Time a lot more interesting (#HughGrant). Anyone wanna collab on an EP on NOTW – News on tha’ wack (Title TBC – suggestions welcome) – current affairs references will get me on a couch with Paxman, giddy.


All I’m gonna say is:




Right I’m off for an early night – the newsstand isn’t gonna prevent selling NOTW tomorrow is it?






No, not the irritating 90’s chick flick (the shrillest voices ever recorded) but the Norwegian who’s ‘serious about beats’. Seriously.

It Ain't 1995 Anymore

Akin to MJ Cole, it’s a pleasant mix of deep garage/two-step – not as moody as most of the musique electronique I big up, okay it’s still fairly moody but I’m diversifying. Here’s something to get you started:


Listen to between the hours of 11:00 & 06:00

Also on my radar is a female artist whose name resembles a premium tropicana juice mix – Lana Del Ray (Or maybe a fictional latino drug haven in a Stallone film). Either way, Lana appears as part Nancy Sinatra, part top notch Gwen Stefani, part poppy CocoRosie. Also she makes her own videos, I get the feeling she likes her appearance, but despite the ego-splurging via Youtube & Vimeo, LDR shapes up to be a genuine contender in the prize to becoming a critically acclaimed female artist lasting out for a sophomore album at the very least. (I’ll come up with a name for that category shortly).